Powered Flying

Cadet Pilot Training

The Australian Air Force Cadets provides excellent Pilot Training in powered trainer aircraft.

Flying training received official approval in the AAFC in 1977. Air Force Office Canberra approved the operation of flying training on a RAAF Base during periods of low activity.

As sponsorship is provided by the Air Force, the cost of lessons to cadets is substantially cheaper than the external commercial flying schools and it is more “one on one” training with strict emphasis on safety.

Learn how to fly and become a Pilot
Flying training is conducted during school holidays and weekends strictly in accordance with the CASA syllabus. Cadets will progress through the syllabus to First Solo, then General Flying Proficiency Test (GFPT) and onto the Private Pilots License (PPL). All training is undertaken at Air Force approved service providers (Flying Schools).

Graduates qualify to wear AAFC cadet wings and are capable of flying family and friends in their local training area as the Pilot in Command.

AAFC Cadets wishing to learn to fly must meet the following criteria

  • One year’s basic training at a Squadron.
  • A minimum of 15½ years of age at the date of commencement of training and a minimum of 16 years of age to fly solo.
  • Be recommended by their Squadron Commanding Officer.
  • Meet standard powered flying medical requirements.
  • Attain parental consent.

The Air Force Flying Scholarships
Flying Scholarships for cadets were first sponsored by the Air Force in the 1960’s.

The Chief of the Air Force has reintroduced the Air Force Scholarship programme in 2009 for both powered flying and gliding disciplines. It provides considerable financial assistance to successful applicants with their initial flying training.

Cadets applying for an Air Force scholarship must be recommended by their Squadron Commanding Officer, have parental consent, and be selected on their overall commitment to the AAFC through attendance at a home Squadron, and Wing based activities and undertake a selection interview to seek out personal suitability, enthusiasm and commitment to aviation.

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