Squadron Training

Each parade night cadets will participate in a selection of theory and practical based lessons. Training is broken up into different stages, and after completing the required training for each stage cadets will progress into the next stage.

The training stages in the AAFC are as follows:

  • Recruit Stage - First 6 Weeks
  • Basic Stage - First year
  • Proficiency - Second Year
  • Advanced Stage - Third Year
  • Qualified Stage - Fourth Year
  • Each training stage has a syllabus that covers topics such as:

  • Aviation
  • Fieldcraft
  • Drill and Ceremonial
  • Aircraft Recognition
  • Service Knowledge
  • Survival
  • Apart from the core components of each training stage there are also electives that Proficiency and above can participate in. They include:

  • Model Rocketry
  • Firearms Training
  • Radio Communications
  • Hovercraft Building
  • Aeromodelling
  • Field Operations
  • Visual Tracking
  • and many more.